Nikola Dragovic

Brian Dohn has a great piece on Nikola Dragovic in the Daily News today, and it is worth reading.

Obviously, Dragovic hasn't panned out so far - at least in terms of contributing on the floor this year.  Many speculated that he would be a one-and-done type of player, and most considered him an NBA talent.  But for pragmatic and understandable reasons, he simply hasn't earned the playing time yet - and the 10 game suspension certainly didn't help.

Still, I was impressed with Dragovic's comments about off-the-court issues which make his freshman year unlike most of our freshman years.  Language barriers, homesickness, and a completely different style of basketball - it has stunted the growth of many a foreign player over the years.  Yet, Dragovic - struggling as he is - has the perfect attitude.

"I'm glad I came to UCLA," Dragovic said. "If you play professionally in Serbia, there is no time to go to school. You just play basketball. I wanted to go to school and play basketball at the same time. That way I have something to do after basketball." Sounds like a Ben Howland type of guy to me.  A player smart enough to recognize that basketball isn't the most important thing in life, is a player who can and will contribute to our program in the future.  And there is no mistaking that he has talent - he wouldn't have been on the NBA projected draft board if he didn't - and I am confident Ben Howland will extract that talent in good time. "I'm still so happy I'm here," Dragovic said. "I wanted to come here, to one of the best teams in America, and that's UCLA. I plan on being here for three more years." I predict good things from this kid, in fact, I expect them.

Go Bruins.

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