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Fun, Fun, Fun ...

What a great night for Ben Ball.

The Bruins played a perfect game demolishing a helpless Oregon State team by a score of 82-35. Here is the box score and AP recap. Oregon State's 35 points may be a UCLA record (Billy Mac and Don McLean were getting conflicting info) in terms of the lowest points ever allowed by the Bruins at Pauley.

Again, the Bruins came out with the perfect mindset, taking control and smashing the Beavers right from the opening tip off. AA led all scores with 16. Luc with another great game with 14 points, 7 boards, and lots of rest on the bench.

Oh the bench. Our bench was awesome. I am sure Dragovic is feeling a little at home in Westwood tonight. The kid finally gets a lot of minutes and nails down 2 3s for 8 points and 6 boards. Not bad at all. On to JustSC.

We will have a lot more tomorrow. Just a great night for UCLA basketball. Kevin Love is coming on later tonight on Prime against Mater Dei. If you are watching it, let us know how the kid is looking.

Photo Credit: Daven Hill

The kid is going to be on FSN Prime at 8:30 pm PST.

This is our post-game (Love watching) open thread.