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As of right now, if I had vote, I'd still vote for Aaron Brooks, however AA is making a charge and people around the country are taking note:

So much has been made about Aaron Brooks of Oregon as the player of the year in the Pac-10, but let's not hand out the hardware just yet. Afflalo is making a case for his candidacy by leading the Bruins to yet another big win, this time by 17 against the Ducks. Remember, it was Afflalo who also hit the game-winner at USC earlier this season.
The OC Register has a mid-season conference review up today, which also projects AA as the MVP.

AA had 16 points in 20 minutes against Oregon State. Plus, as mentioned in the ESPN blurb excerpted above, he has had moments like this:

Photo Credit: Daven Hill

Again, keep in mind that the Bruins didn't have Shipp for that game. And Luc also had somewhat of an off game. If Luc stays in the same form he has been in during the last couple of games, and the rest of the team plays 40 minutes of Ben Ball, we will probably won't need AA to make another one of those. Then again, if AA keeps playing like he has been lately, more and more people will start thinking MVP.

UPDATE I: AA will be chatting LIVE online today on ESPN at 12:30 PM PST. Drop by and say hello.

UPDATE II: From ESPN chat, AA on returining for his senior season:
I don't know. A lot of those decisions come with my maturity level. A lot of factors will go into that decision, including the fact that we have some great guys coming in next year. To leave UCLA would be very hard. It is a very tough question for me to answer at this point in time. Furthermore, I was recruited to win a title, and I will feel unfufilled until that happens.
At this point I am not going hold my breath. But man if he returns ...