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Road to 100

The road to 100 is fraught with peril. Ask the Men's and Women's Soccer teams as well as the Women's Volleyball teams who fell just short of the goal. That's not to say that they didn't have great seasons, and I'd like to take the time now to congratulate them on their successes. But the fact remains that we are still on 99 with the fall sports in the books.

I rag on the Daily Bruin a little, mostly because, well, they deserve it. Wading through the incompetent player/coach/writers like David Woods, our campus paper is still good for something: providing us with updates on our many teams that don't get so much attention.

First, I'd like to draw attention to our Women's Swim and Dive team, who took down the losers from Fig Tech over the weekend. Even though this team isn't what I would label a threat to get to #100, taking down the trOJans is always welcome in my book.

Staying in the pool, our Women's Water Polo team also beat the trOJans, and can certainly be considered a main contender to bring home #100 to Westwood.

Men's Volleyball has been off to a rough start, losing to SUC recently (a rarity this year), but after beating Hawai'i behind former basketball walk-on Jamie Diefenbach (whose name I always had a hard time with during Roll Call), they appear to be gathering a little momentum. If last year taught us anything besides the fact that Howland can coach and that KD can't, it's that you never count out an Al Scates coached team. They may be 5-6 on the season, but given what took place last year, they have to be considered a threat to bring home a title as well.

Men's Tennis has also been impressive, as they have not dropped a point all season after blanking both Cal and Stanford. To think that Ben Ball's 47 point beatdown wasn't even the worst skunking of the day...

ryebreadraz has done a fantastic job keeping us all updated on our baseball team, so there shouldn't be a need to go into that here. Just as it was in the fall, there are plenty of chances to crack the century mark and continue our domination of the trOJans in the coming months (just look at the current Gauntlet standings).

Besides, if all else fails, there's a little tournament in March that someone told me we have a good chance of winning as well.