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Monday Ben Ball Roundup

Folks from Orange County are still raving about this past weekend’s Kevin Love show at Mater Dei. Mark Whicker (of the OC Register) is now a believer:

Ten different fans who attended Kevin Love's one-man capture of Mater Dei late Saturday night could tell you 10 favorite things the young man did.

He's a buffet player. Maybe a smorgasbord.

But those who were just as excited the first time they saw Bill Walton - and, maybe, not as excited since - have no trouble identifying Love's trademark. It is, unquestionably, the outlet pass.

No one could snatch a rebound, turn and hurl a 60-foot strike down court like Big Red, all before he landed on those unfortunately creaky feet.

No one until Love. Those weren't just outlet passes he was catapulting past the Monarchs. More like cannonballs.

But you could also pick Love's astonishing swat of 7-foot Alex Jacobson's turnaround ... or the spin move through the lane that led to another bucket ... or his role as the middle dribbler in Lake Oswego's spread ... or the three-pointer from the corner ... or any of a number of sweet-footed moves to the hoop, a place where he deposits the ball with either hand.
If you didn’t get to watch any of the game (like yours truly) and want to get a little taste of what took place check out Grok451’s posts in the comment threads here, here, and here

Elsewhere I forgot to take note of Dohn write up on Dragovic’s performance from Saturday. The kid made a quite an impression with his 8 points and 6 boards in his first substantial appearance (in terms of minutes) at Pauley. Coach Howland was happy for ND, but here is what he needs to get more minutes rest of the way:
"I have to keep working hard and improving on everything that I have to do and do whatever coach asks of me," Dragovic said. "And keep waiting for my chance."

However, one game when the outcome is already well-determined isn't enough to grab playing time from starter Josh Shipp or reserve Michael Roll.

"Bottom line is, for him to play more minutes, he's got to take away minutes from other players," Howland said, "and be really good in practice."
Given what we have heard from Dragovic so far, I think it’s a good bet that he will work away in practice. He will get better as a result of it, as will his team-mates, who will benefit from the fierce competition. It’s a win-win situation for Ben Ball.