Pauley Renovation Moving Along

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Looks like we're moving ahead.  HOK Sport was chosen:

HOK Sport of Kansas City, Mo., was chosen by a selection committee from among 10 firms that responded to the school's request for submissions.

Among the renovations being considered are a retractable seating system to bring spectators closer to the court; new concession areas, restrooms and modern technology to enhance fan experience; new and expanded locker rooms, medical treatment and media rooms and dedicated practice facilities; a main lobby that would serve as a central entrance; and redevelopment of the area between the football practice field and the arena.

If you've been following new stadium/arena/convention center builds around the nation for the past 15 or so years, you probably know that HOK Sport is pretty much the "Standard" in stadium builds, or at least in securing pretty much every contract out there, including Camden Yards, Pacbell/SBC/AT&T Park, Petco Park, Busch III (my favorite of course), etc. etc.

Personally, I think HOK Sport is absolutely the right choice, and guarantees that the minute you see the new Pauley, the WOW factor is going to be incredible.  The one thing HOK Sport always does is that they incorporate one geographical quirk to work around (e.g. the Western Metal building at Petco, the view of the Gateway Arch and Mississippi River right over the outfield at Busch III), so I'm curious as to what one thing they're going to reuse.

Oh yeah, and one more thing, I GUARANTEE that the new Pauley is going to make Pauley East look like the Sports Arena as well.

Update [2007-2-6 19:28:59 by stevenucla]: Here's a link to HOK's past and current projects since I've seen quite a few requests for this list.

Update 2 [2007-2-6 22:45:59 by stevenucla]: Per BBR, one example of a college basketball renovation (as opposed to a brand-new build) is Wichita State's Charles Koch Arena. This renovation was almost a complete rebuild, since they pretty much only kept the roof, but they did it all for less than $20M.

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