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The Dorrell "Extension" (of His Roll Over Contract) Is Here ...

Last season UCLA waited till July to "extend" Dorrell's contract. This year they are rolling out the news before signing day. From the official site:

UCLA head football coach Karl Dorrell and the University have agreed on a contract extension that runs through the 2011 season, athletic director Dan Guerrero announced today.

This past July, Dorrell signed a new five-year contract that included guaranteed compensation of $850,000. The contract, which covered the 2006 through 2010 seasons, contained an incentive package with a maximum of $505,000 per year.

His previous contract, originally signed prior to his first (2003) season, paid Dorrell $600,000 plus incentives.

"We are looking forward to an exciting and successful season in 2007," Guerrero said. "With Karl solidifying his coaching staff, an experienced team returning and a terrific home schedule, we are poised to take the next step with our program."
Emphasis mine.

Before anyone gets all upset over this so called "extension", keep in mind that this happens pretty much every year. IIRC UCLA extended the Ks of both Lavin and Toledo the year before they were fired. Dorrell has a roll-over contract, just like those incompetent coaches. If Dorrell doesn't win the Pac-10 with the returning talent on UCLA's roster this upcoming season (in DG's code words which is "the next step"), none of this will matter. I don't see DG having any problem firing a coach who can't bring home a conference championship after being in charge for five years. And if Dorrell wins the Pac-10, he is most likely gone to the NFL.

Either way, this news concerning a contract "extension" won't matter much at the end of next season. IMHO, there is a good chance the Bruins will be in the market for a brand new football coach at the end of next season. So really no need to get upset or distressed over this PR stunt of spinning a regular roll-over contract as some kind vote of confidence for KD, which does nothing but extends a pre-existing long term deal just by one year.