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Pauley Buzzing Already ...

College rules.

I miss the good ole days. Hundreds of students have been camping around Pauley for last few days. A student wrote up this account of all the buzz around Pauley:

[A]round 10:00, Josh Shipp, Deandre Robinson, and Michael Roll came down and checked it out. chatted it up a bit with mike roll and he threw the football around while Shipp and Deandre played one of the wiis one of my friends brought. they played that for a good 45 minutes and made a somewhat large crowd for such a packed place.

Eventually they were done and started to leave, said bye to everyone.

3 minutes later, they come back to cheering and clapping, along with Russell Westbrook, James Keefe and Mustafa Abdul-Hamid, carrying about 6 boxes of pizza each along with  some of the coaching staff, probably courtesy of Howland.

They ... want Pauley ROCKING just like Oregon before tipoff cause it got them VERY fired up. they took off after a while and the campout continued.

Throw in a few wii games and beer drinking games for myself, then we get MIDNIGHT PASS OUT!
Oh man.

I started camping out my freshman year. Those were the days when a MacLean, Murray, Madkins, and freshmen Ed'O and Edney would come out and hang out with us, giving out donuts and pizzas. The tradition continued through all of our four-five years in Westwood. Back then we didin't have "wiis." We managed with Tecmo Bowl. When we were rocking Sega's NHL 94 (making Gretz bleed) during our senior year, we thought that was all too fancy.

Anyways, it is great to see so much excitement around Westwood with our Ben Ball warriors.

You heard the students. They are going to be rocking their section before the tip off. We suggest every alumni/season ticket holder facing the students on the other side of Pauley do the same.

I can't wait till the game tonight.