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Matt Hayes: The Ginoromous Tool at the Sporting News

So Matt Hayes from Sporting News is at it again. Just a quick little refresher. If you remember this is the same tool who before Dorrell's 3rd 6 loss season wrote this glowing piece of bullsh!t hyping KD. This is how he hyped Karl Dorrell's 4th year team going into the 06 season:

This team is more talented than his previous three. Bigger and stronger and more, well, more like that school's across town. This team is his team. For the first time since he arrived before the 2003 season, nearly every scholarship player is one Dorrell recruited.

There are seven fifth-year seniors who were recruited by the previous staff, seven players who have bought into and embraced Dorrell's philosophy. This year's freshmen, some of whom could have chosen that school across town, make up his best recruiting class yet. This team is coming off a 10-win season, something only six other teams in school history have accomplished.

The staff believes quarterback Ben Olson, after two years on a Mormon mission and one year sitting and waiting, finally is ready to live up to his megarecruit hype. Remember mighty-mite tailback Maurice Jones-Drew? Meet tailback Chris Markey, who, if he lost a couple of inches, would be Jones-Drew's twin. The interior lines are stronger and more experienced, and the Bruins haven't been this deep at wide receiver in years.
Uh yeah. We know how 06-07 season turned out.  But Hayes never went back and followed up on that heaping pile of glowing BS he wrote on Dorrell last off-season. Instead he just came out and hyped the upcoming 07-08 season, declaring Bruins as the 9th best team in the nation:
9.   UCLA   2006 Record: 7-6

Who will the quarterback be? The Pat Cowan/Ben Olson debate will be the big one this off-season. That's the only offensive issue with ten starters returning. The defense loses Justin Hickman, but All-America end Bruce Davis comes back along with nine other starters. The team's biggest loss is PK Justin Medlock.
And now the latest? He is declaring Dorrell's hire of a "trained parrot" (per some Nebraska fans) as one of the best moves in this year's off season:
The best move of the offseason was Bruins coach Karl Dorrell's luring Jay Norvell from Nebraska. One of the game's best teachers, Norvell was hamstrung with the Huskers by an awkward coaching lineup: He coached the quarterbacks and coordinated the offense, and coach Bill Callahan called the plays.

Norvell somehow squeezed an All-Big 12 season out of a physically limited player, quarterback Zac Taylor, amid the constraints of Callahan's eccentric play-calling. If Norvell does the same with UCLA quarterback Ben Olson, a physically gifted athlete with NFL measurables, the loaded Bruins will be competing for a Pac-10 championship -- and possibly more.
HT to Dump Dorrell, who does the work of rebutting of Hayes's latest steaming pile of BS:
Hayes doesn't actually say anything about Training Jay's play-calling. He says he's a great "teacher," especially for QBs. Nice. We got ourselves a great QB coach. Just one problem, Training Jay is the OC and will be coordinating the offense and calling plays. Hayes says nothing about that. He doesn't even provide any critique on Training Jay's game coordinating at Nebraska. Hayes only talks about his QB teaching. Nice analysis there Matt. "Best offseason move." Hayes obviously didn't put much thought into this big announcement.
Anyways, predictably some of the Dorrell supporters are all excited about this latest Hayes piece, just like they were all worked up over his last off-season's profile on Dorrell.

Just like we said after reading his first article, we are not going to drink the Dorrell Kool Aid. Only way these puff pieces without any reality based rationale will look credible is if Dorrell brings home a Pac-10 championship.

Until then all these hype/puff pieces make a so called reporter such as Hayes look like nothing but a ginoromous tool (or should we just say a Dorrell worshipping fool?).