Yet another Trojan recruiting violation?

Another day, another Trojan recruiting violation.

The LA Times today is reporting that USC compliance officials are investigating whether an NCAA recruiting violation occurred during their pursuit of Lousiana prep star Joe McKnight.

Turns out, during 'ol McSmart's news conference, televised in front of the whole nation, he told reporters that his mind was put at ease about possible sanctions against USC dealing with the whole, ahem, "Free House" debacle, after listening to a conference call between 'ol Cheatie and Mr. Free House himself. Telephone communication between them could itself be a violation of NCAA recruiting rules, as former players are prohibited from making "telephonic communications with prospective student-athletes".

The AP reported Wednesday that McKnight and Carroll set up a conference call so he (McKnight) and his high school coach could talk to Bush to "ease his worries"

Of course, Cheatie "vehemently denies" any such conference call took place, and later McSmart said he "misspoke" about the whole thing, apparently  "overcome with all the attention and scrutiny" which came with his announcement. Uh Huh.

Yeah, I'm sure USC compliance officials will do their "due diligence" and thoroughly "investigate" this whole matter.
If there's any funny business going on, they'll find it!!!

I mean, much longer are they going to allow this bullsh!t??? How many limos, free rents, free houses, free grades, "telephonic communications" etc... is it going to take to finally SANCTION THESE A-HOLES!!!!!?????

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