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Cougar Vision: Picturing A Court Rush

Cougar fans are fired up. They are talking about rushing the court:

I hope the students can celebrate at center court. I really don't care if they meet the team on the floor or on the Library lawn. It is there time and those of us fuddy duddies who want to pour cold water on their celebration should the players be so fortunate as to defeat a tough opponent, could do with a dose of excitement ourselves.

Just don't be disrespectful or hurtful to the opponent's players. Celebrate with your team and your friends and do it with style and class. Personally, I'l love to see the kids rush the court two more times this season--now that would be pretty special.
Fuddy duddies? Okay then. Personally I don’t mind when the opposing team fans rush the court after a win over UCLA (and it has happened every time when the Bruins lost this year). It just shows where Coach Howland has taken this program in a period of four years. Hopefully we are not going to have to watch that tonight.

The entire WSU campus has been electric for days. Cougars themselves have circled the UCLA game for quiet a while. More on that from the Spokesman Review:
"After we lost to them down there and it was so close, I think everyone down there circled this game here, like we're going to get them at home. We've got a chance," WSU's Robbie Cowgill said. "We're really looking forward to this all season. Pretty much as soon as that OSU game was over (Saturday) and we put it away, I immediately started thinking about this one and got excited. It's really all the players have been able to talk about, even on the trip back from Oregon. That's just how excited we are to play that game. There's just a lot of buzz around campus."
As for Coach Bennett he has a more measured and realistic outlook on his team’s prospect for tonight:
"The story's going to unfold on the court. It's going to be a possession-by-possession story," Cougars coach Tony Bennett said. "Down the stretch in games, very rarely will they beat themselves. They don't flinch. They don't screw up a lot. They're just rock solid. They play like a conference champion of a year ago, a runner-up national champion. To beat a team like that, you have to be right."
Sounds about right. They are going to need a perfect storm and do everything on their part to create one. We will have to be ready on our end. I like our chances. As a friend of mine told me over IM early this am over coffee our "team plays with a chip on its shoulder." I think Coach is going to have our boys ready.

Cougar fans can’t wait for tonight. Neither can Bruins Nation.