JustSC on a roll: OJ2 Busted for Pot

How awesome is JustSC?  I mean, along with these Senora Ross geniuses, this gem found over at Deadspin just proves that JustSC isn't just a football school:

You'd have to consider OJ Mayo an extremely unlikely candidate to launch a white supremacy website, but that doesn't mean the much-heralded USC basketball recruit can't find another way to get into trouble. Mayo was busted for misdemeanor marijuana possession last night in Huntington, West Virginia. Now all USC needs is for Pete Carroll to get caught buying and selling immigrant children, and their week is complete.

The best line Will over at Deadspin comes up with:

Are we sure that he didn't commit to play for Bob Huggins at Kansas State?

The best part was that OJ2's car got pulled over as they drove suspiciously by a house where the police were serving a search warrant.  Yeah, that really speaks so much towards Timmeh's recruiting targets.  Let's make sure the guys we recruit are definitely associated with only the right type of people.  Of course, right type meaning, SUC football players.

So classic!  So chin up fellow Bruins as we move forward from here.  At least we can take comfort in the fact that JustSC will never let us down.

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