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Join the BN Madness Pool on Facebook

Let's get back to MADNESS.

Boys and girls ... I have set up a BruinsNation pool over at Facebook. Click here to enter.

If you are on facebook just look for the group: Bruins Nation: Bloggers of Westwood

The pool is open to everyone on facebook.

If you don't have a facebook account, it is pretty easy to register for one.

So join us.

You need to enter your picks by Thursday, March 15 at 9:00am PT.

As for prizes we are going to keep it simple. We will stick with the same deal this year. So whoever wins the pool will have the BN home page all to himself and herself and write about anything that is near and dear to him/her(as long as the post is at least 400 words, not trollish and germane to all the matters concerning BN).

Last year we recognized the winner (ucla8) by featuring the story of his Bruin roots on BN.

Given how it worked out so wonderfully last year we are going to stick with the same deal.

So once again if you are looking to join fellow BNers in a March Madness pool, do it over on facebook in our group: Bruins Nation: Bloggers of Westwood.

BTW if you are on facebook aned still haven't done it yet, make sure to facebook BN.