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Action Alert: Save the Blue Spotted Skipping Frog!

I hate to interrupt your busy day with this.  But, unlike the Southern Cal fans who are spending their day apologizing for disgusting racist "jokes," I thought I'd bring an important issue to your attention:

This is the majestic Blue Spotted Skipping Frog (BSSF).  Completely unknown to science until just recently, the BSSF was discovered by a small group of scientists near Borneo.

Why am I posting about a frog on BN?  Well, according to a well-respected scientific journal, this highly endangered amphibian holds the potential to literally change our world:

According to leading expert, Dr. Brackowitz, preliminary testing suggests that the BSSF:
  • emits a chemical known to enter the Earth's upper atmosphere and reverse global warming.
  • sheds a protective coat that provides the means to safely harness fusion energy.
  • has been proven to generate and host human stems cells.

Sound unbelievable, right.  But, it's real.  And these technogical breakthroughs will be lost to humanity forever if we don't act quickly.

A series of conferences and fund raising events are taking place starting this Thursday and Friday in a last ditch effort to save the BSSF from extinction.  Organizers are staging these events at local restaurants and meeting places.  It is critical that you immediately inform your employer/teacher that you will be missing work to attend these important events.  Any boss/teacher with even an iota of social consciousness will gladly approve your absence.  If they resist, just send them a link to this post so they can appreciate the gravity of the situation.  Because, indeed, the fate of our planet hangs in the balance.

Spread the word.  We must act starting THIS THURSDAY, and maybe for a while on Tuesday.

Also, make sure your local restaurant is equipped with multiple high definition displays.  There will be, uh, a power point presentation.

Finally, bring beer and snacks.  Saving the world is thirsty work.