Sickening Images from Racist ... err ... Trojan Nation

From the diaries. I really didn't want to feature the filthy football program from Southern Cal during this time of the year. But this is too important to ignore. If this is the first time you are reading about this scandal, you can get quickly up to speed by going here and here. If this happened at the school of Jackie Robinson and Arthur Ashe, the head coach of the football program would be fired as soon as it became clear he did not do anything to address this situation. But over at OJ U, everything is minimized as silly jokes. Just how low can that filthy program from cross-town go? You be the judge. GO BRUINS. -N

Wizard has posted some of the sick images on his blog:

All we are hearing from the overwhelming number of Trojan apologists is how all this is just a joke and how boys.

Wiz justifiably is stunned:

USC announced that none of the players involved will be punished. Michael Jackson, USC's vice president of student affairs, told the L.A. Times: "While the group was evidently created as an offshoot to joking between races among teammates at USC, this joke was clearly taken to an improper length."

As stated Friday, we were disturbed the players were not disciplined. After seeing the images, we are stunned by USC's no-discipline stance.

Yet nothing ... zero ... zilch ... NO SIGN OF OUTRAGE from the Trojan lapdogs in LA's traditional media.Nothing from Plaschke.Nothing from Dwyre.

We also haven't seen much from ESPN and rest of the national media. All this is supposed to be just a sad and sorry joke?

Go Bruins!

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