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Ben Ball Roundup

Let’s get to our Tuesday roundup and as usual we have a mish mash of goodies for Bruin hoops junkies.

BBR has another installment of "UCLA Superlative Statistics," which tracks categories such as "Charges Taken," "Dive For Loose Balls," and "Second Chance Points." These are the kinds of numbers that give us a total picture of a player’s Ben Ball performance level. For all the talk of Luc regressing this year, he is well represented in all of those categories. So take a look.

BBR also has an overview of the Western Region. Well worth reading if you are looking to gather intel. while filling out brackets. In terms of gathering intel while filling out your bracket over next 48 hours, make sure to read a great post and discussion thread started by our own BruinsRule here on BN detailing his thoughts on the field of 64.

I would also highly recommend reading up Tightwad’s "First Impressions" and "Guide to the NCAA Bracket," if you are looking for more informed analysis on the NCAA bracket from a well informed Pac-10 pov. As mentioned in the comments don’t think about going by my opinion when filling out your brackets. Here is a hint. Even during the days of Roach Laughin I used to pick Bruins to go all the way.

Now back to our game. I already put up some early notes on Weber State right after the pairings were announced. I will have more later today. Some tidbits on Weber State are already starting to trickle out in the local papers. Dohn mentions in his UCLA Report today how Howland might have gotten some tips from his former assistant, the current head coach of Northern Arizona (a school where Howland started his HCing career) on the Wildcats:

Once the NCAA Tournament seedings were announced Sunday, UCLA coach Ben Howland said he would not contact his former assistant and current Northern Arizona coach, Mike Adras, for a scouting report.

Since Weber State and NAU both play in the Big Sky, Howland said he didn't want to put Adras in a difficult position.

Of course, Howland didn't need to talk to Adras, since the two spoke at about 11 p.m. Saturday. Adras said he was on a recruiting trip when he called Howland.

"I thought for sure, and I think he felt it was going to be Weber," Adras said. "They know what they're doing. We'll give them some calls, maybe something like that."
One of the guys I am sure Adras told Coach Howland about is Weber State star David Patten. Patten is from Orange County (El Dorado High) who wound up at Weber State after playing at Pepperdine and then at Santa Ana College. OC Register’s Mark Whicker has written up a profile on Big Sky’s conference player of the year.

Speaking of profiles, those are the kind of articles Pucin loves writing. She has a story on Weber State head coach – Randy Rahe - who is married to a referee. BTW it was Coach Howland who recommended Rahe for the head coaching job at his alma mater. Understandly Coach Howland has been gushing about the job Rahe has done with the Wildcats:
"I think he's done a terrific job this year, in his first year," Howland said of Rahe. "I think they finished last or second to last, last year. To go from there to winning the league outright, winning the conference tournament, he's done a fantastic job. I'm happy for him. In some way, doing the right thing might end up biting me from behind here, but let's hope not."
It was also Coach Howland (per the Whicker profile) who had an influence in steering Patten to Weber State from Santa Ana College. So that kind of neatly closes the loop on this story. Hopefully if the Bruins are focused and ready, their stories will end this Thursday in Sacramento.