A Letter to Coach Howland & Our Team

Bumped from the diaries. Yet another example of how Coach Howland and his warriors have captured the imagination of BruinsNation. We know there are folks from Morgan Center reading BN. Let's hope they can get this letter in the hands of Coach Howland. GO BRUINS. -N.

Just found this in the comments to a UCLA preview post on AOL blogs:

Dear Ben,

I realize that the odds of this reaching you are slim, but I wanted to let you know that my Aunt Vivian, who attended UCLA in the mid-50's, has been a fan since then, and has most recently been watching your team since moving to the East Coast in the late 90's, where my Dad has been sending her tapes of the games on a weekly basis. I watched three of the Bruin games with her three weeks ago prior to her passing, and her wish was for the Bruins to win the NCAA Championship. I played JV ball under Frank Arnold/John Wooden in the 72-73 season, and hoped that given my Aunt's dedication and my past with the Bruins, that you could convey to the team that it would mean the world to us were they to go all the way, which in my belief, is entirely possible and likely. I just returned from my Aunt's services this weekend, and just felt obligated to inquire about the possibility of her inspiring the Bruins in some way! Her last moments were spent watching a game of a week or so ago, where she raised her clenched fists to celebrate their victory, even though she was heavily sedated on morphine and semi-conscious. Please let me know whether this might be possible. I also wanted to convey that both she and her husband have dined with Johnny Wooden in Woodland Hills for breakfast, and that I'm confident that he would want you to pass on our sentiments to the team!

Best wishes for the championship!

Kim Wasung
***-***-**** (home)
***-***-**** (work cell) What's that old cliche again?

UCLA basketball IS life.

Everything else is just details.

Go Bruins!!!!

PS: I redacted Kim's phone numbers. I didn't feel comfortable posting it here on BN eventhough Kim himself posted those numbers in the link I provided above.

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