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Another Pucin Hackjob

How stupid is Diane Pucin?

Well remember yesterday we pointed to the great work BBR has done putting together "UCLA Superlative Statistics," which tracks categories such as "Charges Taken," "Dive For Loose Balls," and "Second Chance Points." Well today Diane in her UCLA report attempted to highlight some of those stats without giving any credit whatsoever to BBR. Even then she completely f*cked up her "UCLA report":

if fans voted on which UCLA player has taken the most charges, the winner would probably be center Lorenzo Mata. That would be wrong. Guard Arron Afflalo has taken 17 charges and Mata 16.

As for other statistics the team keeps but that don't show up on the official books: Mata leads the Bruins in dives for loose balls, with 23. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is second with 22.
What is wrong with that "report"?

Well If Diane actually knew how to read she would figure out it’s not Arron Afflalo who leads UCLA in the charges taken category with 17. It is Alfredo Aboya. She got the wrong AA.

So not only she totally cut and pasted someone else’s work without showing a modicum of decency or professional courtesy to give due credit to original source, she apparently couldn’t rewrite what she was trying to copy.

Just another example what a lazy, unprofessional and now an apparent plagiarizer who has no f*cking clue about college hoops, LA Times continue to employ as a beat reporter covering the greatest college basketball program of all time.

Shameful and disgraceful even by the standards of the sh!tty sports section of the Trojan Times.