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Bruins Beat Weber State 70-42: Post-Game Thread

Now that was therepeutic. We needed that.

Dare I say...the Bruins got their mojo back.

I know it was only Weber State. But this was the exact kind of confidence builder that the Bruins needed as the competition ramps up going into the round of 32. The reserves got some quality minutes, DC's ankle looks to be OK, Roll hit a couple of nice 3's, and our fearless leader led the way with 22 and 8.

Here are the recaps from, DSPN, CBS Sportsline,


Let's keep the MOJO flowin'.

And for the cherry on top, VCU beats Duke! (Any regrets Mr. Singler?) Yeah, I had VCU in my bracket.

This is your post-game thread. Indiana or Gonzaga?

Go Bruins!