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Early MADNESS Open Thread

We can just feel the excitement and anticipation here on BN. Even some of our colleagues over at The Band Is Out On The Field are excited about UCLA.

Anyways since all of you are going to be either glued to TV or our computer starting this afternoon we are going to open up a Madness open thread. We are going to have to wait for few more hours to see these guys:

Photo Credit:BigWillieStyle's photo stream [flickr]

However leading up to 4:25 PST there should be plenty of great games to get you going. It’s going to interesting to see how Stanford fares against Louisville in the early afternoon and then we also have a very interesting match up between BC v. Texas Tech.

Just hours to go till the Mojo goes up on BN. Until then if you are watching/tracking the games this is your open thread. Keep the rest of us updated on the early MADNESS.