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BN Madness Pool Update

Now that I've had a chance to settle down some after a raucous first weekend of Madness, including a good win against IU, I thought I'd peek in on the prospects of the gamblers among us.

As you know, Nestor was so kind to set up a BruinsNation pool over at Facebook.  You can click here to to check out the latest standings in the Bruins Nation: Bloggers of Westwood pool.  Here's the leader board, with the first two rounds in the books:

How are your brackets doing? Who do you have playing the Bruins in the [insert your expectation- I refuse to jinx it]?

By the way, if you are on Facebook and still haven't done it yet, make sure to Facebook BN.  If not, why not register for a Facebook account.

May only those folks with the Bruins going all the way win this thing....