Here's a little note on Pauley Pavilion's Progress

As I have stated a few times, I am privy to some little tidbits here and there about the campus.  One of those tidbits, which I have not seen posted elsewhere, is that there were a series of meetings yesterday to discuss the Pauley renovation between the various departments associated with Pauley Pavilion and people representing the architecture firm hired to revamp Pauley.  This was a large scale meeting, held as a series of small meetings, to discuss the improvements needed.  There has not been a specific plan set as of this time, but the concept will be on a very large scale, and much of what we know as Pauley will be changed.

  The price tag I heard about 2nd hand from a conversation Wooden had was in the $120 million range and that there has been a $25 million donor.  The changes will include the removal of the inside concourse between the 200 and 300 levels, expanding the guest accomodation facilities, a complete overhaul of the outdoor food court setup on the spaulding field (south) side and more.

  So at this point it does look like it will be a reality, especially since they have already set the dedication date for Coach Wooden's 100th.  However it is still in the early stages, and I wouldn't expect a blueprint for months.

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