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Bruin Shindigs on Thursday Night

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Hopefully thousands of Bruins fans will be in San Jose to soak in some of this pre-game fun on Thursday night:

Photo Credit:Daven Hill

For the rest of us around country time to figure our plans. I am guessing the game is going to be a national broadcast. So everyone should get it. Ugh. It's not a national broadcast. Read rfirpo's post in the diaries. So check your local listings.

However, if you are looking to get together with other Bruin alums in your area, once again here are the shindigs that I know of:

  • Let's start with the Big Apple this week.  Apparently the get together in the City has been amazing. More than 200 alums showed up for the second round game. So the alums in NYC will be watching at Professor Thoms' located at 219 2nd Ave., New York, NY. You can RSVP by going here.

  • Just like NYC, down I-95, the UCLA's Washington DC club's game watching parties have been blowing up. We packed the House at Ugly Mug last Saturday night. I won't be there this week but I am sure there will be another huge pro Bruin crowd this Thursday night. So if you are in the nation's capital and want to join up with other Bruins, come out to the the Ugly Mug at 723 8th St SE (near the Hill). If you are taking the Metro, take the Blue/Orange line to Eastern Market Metro Stop.

  • Back in LA, alums ('South Bay Bruins') are getting together in Manhattan Beach to watch Thursday's night's game. People are getting together at Mr. Pockets, 512 N. Sepulveda Blvd. (N of Artesia, S of Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA. RSVP details here.

  • Going down the 405, Orange County Bruins are setting up their party at the Rudy's Pub & Grill, 3110 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach. Here are the details.
Again those are the get-togethers I know of. For more on alumni club football watching parties visit this site. If you have info on where the alumni group are watching the games in your town, post the info here.

Also please note even though these get togethers are hosted by alums - of course, I am sure there are open to every member of Bruins Nation.