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The Bruin Haters on ESPN

I don't think we need to write anything new about why we should never believe anything coming out of the mouth of a disingenous prick such as Steve Lavin when it comes to UCLA. But guess what Lavin is not the only UCLA hater on ESPN. Apparently his ESPN studi partner Rick Majerus is not exactly a big fan of Ben Ball either. From the Daily News Today:

The life of a college basketball coach - with its million-dollar contracts and shoe company endorsements making it a suitable breeding ground for oversized egos and raging insecurities - is not conducive to long-lasting relationships.

Howland's former mentor, Rick Majerus, the former Utah coach whom he considers the shrewdest basketball mind he knows, no longer speaks to him, the falling out apparently related to Howland landing the UCLA job that Majerus badly wanted.
I had no idea Majerus was such a petty, envious SOB. That is just sad and pathetic. So ESPN now has stacked his hoops studios with Lavin, Majerus, and Digger Phelps - the three of the biggest Bruin haters - you will ever find any college hoops. Why aren't they bringing in losers like Dan Wetzel and Jerry Tarkanian. That would complete the circle and make that piece of shit sports network fair and balanced when it comes to talking up college hoops.