Potentially Bad News For Non-West Coast TV Viewers

Nestor posted this earlier this morning:

"For the rest of us around country time to figure our plans. I am guessing the game is going to be a national broadcast. So everyone should get it."

Sounds good right?  Everyone loves UCLA, right?  Well, not so fast.  Michael Hiestand from USA Today had an article in yesterday's USA Today Sports section called "NCAA men: Can't-see TV?"  The article, which is pretty good, details the sometimes crazy CBS coverage of the games, and CBS's propensity for switching games at weird times.

Of importance here, the article also included the following notes on which games will be broadcast on Thursday, and to how many households.  This is what Hiestand said:

THURSDAY - Southern Illinois-Kansas (7:10) goes to 85% of U.S. households.  Obviously, that games goes to 100% until Texas A&M-Memphis (7:25), which gets 15% of the USA.  Then Pittsburgh-UCLA (9:40) goes to 32% of the USA, and Tennessee-Ohio State (9:55) gets 68%.

UCLA v. Pitt -- only 32%!  Brutal.  I for one will be at the games, so I am luckily not affected.  But for those of you who are not in Pennsylvania or California . . . watch out, the majority of the country won't be watching UCLA at home.

Sorry to break the bad news to East Coasters . . . but its better to know now than later.  If you are making home plans, you might want to call your cable provider to see which game you are getting.  There is nothing worse than watching the first five minutes from your couch, only to see the switch ruin your night.

Final Note:  Everyone should check out John Calipari's NCAA press-conference from yesterday (CSTV aired it last night).  Boy was he crying about the UCLA game from last year, noting how the refs wouldn't call fouls, and also calling the Oakland Arena a 2nd "Pauley Pavillion."  It was classic.  Lets hope the HP Pavillion is UCLA central tonight!


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