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No secret we are going to need to rely on our defense to pull out a win tonight.

A number of Bay Area papers are running stock articles on Ben Ball defense. BBR has the clips in its "Game Day Stories." BBR also posted some notes from yesterday’s press conference during which Coach Howland, AA, and Shipp answers few (nothing earth shattering) questions.

Back in our home turf, Steve Dilbeck (DN) has a long column on Luuuuuuuuuuc’s second season. We have seen similar columns earlier in the season, in which local writers were belly aching over why a kid who just started playing hoops five years ago have not turned into a NBA lottery pick in his second year in college.

Luc is of course doing fine and playing huge role in decisive plays like this one preserving Bruin victory:

Please thank bluejoe in the diaries for this epic shot

Luc’s team-mates certainly appreciate what number 23 is doing for the team:

"Everybody is real unselfish here and does whatever it takes to win," Shipp said. "I don't think numbers tell the whole story.

"He's doing a great job for us and helping the team win. And that's the most important thing."
Luc is going to be huge factor tonight. Bruins are going to need his efforts around the bucket, helping Mata and AA2 defend Gray, while keeping his guy (Kendall of the boards). And if he can finish the opportunities he gets around the bucket on the offensive side, Bruins are going to be all right.

One of the joys of getting to follow Ben Ball on a day by day basis is having a chance to root for unselfish players like Luc and rest of his team-mates. I just have this gut feeling that they are going to come out on fire tonight. Lot of folks have been on their case for last couple of weeks. They have had to hear it about how they blew their number 1 seed during the last week and how they haven’t been clicking in all cylinders heading into the Big Dance. I really believe Luc and rest of his team-mates will be coming out with a chip on their shoulders tonight. If they can translate that into playing that classic Ben Ball defense, they will give us a chance to enjoy the ride for at least 48 more hours. It will all come down to our DEFENSE.

We will have our game thread (with the Mojo) up later tonight.