Pictures from the very Sweet 16

I'm working out of the hotel lobby internet, so its a little difficult to sort the pictures out at 2am when i'm dead tired from yelling at the the pictures are in order that i took them.  

Coach..looking good

The UCLA student section

The team leader

The band wasnt elevated, and we were sitting behind the cheer/dance team and the yell crew..who were constantly getting in the not many action shots tonight.

Joe Bruin wants YOU to yell really loud for UCLA....and play amazing defence.  

The Floor general

Roll was huge tonight...esp that bucket that pretty much put the game away.  

MATA was a beast tonight...and he hit his free throws!!

Arron's still in a shooting slump right now..but he found other ways to contribute, but getting to the line, going 10/10.  

Like i said...they got in the way...

On to the elite 8! Kansas coming up on saturday!

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