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BN Madness Pool Update

So my brackets have been ripped to shreds. Only one of my final-4 teams remains alive (gee I wonder which team is that). But there are many who are kicking a** and taking some names in BN's March Madness pool we set up over at facebook.

And no one is hotter than Ryan Tish. Ryan is on fire. He has expanded on the lead which he built up after the first second rounds. Take a look at the updated list of top-20 in BruinsNation: Bloggers of Westwood pool:

For you reference here is the list of top-20, which M posted last Monday.

So how are your brackets doing? We are rooting for those guys who have Ben Ball warriors going all the way.

Thanks again to all of you who joined the pool. Again if you haven't done it yet, make sure to facebook BN.