UCLA S.I.D. Expects KD to Win Pac-10 and Beat SuC (by 20 )

Looks like the word is out. Morgan Center expect Dorrell to win the Pac-10 and beat Southern Cal. And it's Morgan Center's own Sports Information Director - Marc Dellins - who is setting the expectations.

I didn't want to link anything written by the asshole from But this was a little too interesting. The asshole has a write up on Spring top-25 in college football. The fact that he has Dorrell's team at top-10 (at number 9) is not all that surprising. What was really interesting were these nuggets he used to start of his piece:

The Bruins are in!

You knew that, and you didn't know that. Final Four? Sure. The Spring Top 25? Let's just say I am making Marc Dellins' day. Dellins is the UCLA Minister of Propaganda -- they call him the sports info director in Westwood -- who was quick to point out that his Bruins have 20 returning starters from a team that beat Southern California.

This is an issue because the Bruins got, uh, well, somehow left out of my first 2007 Top 25 in January. Being the good MOP that he is, Mr. Dellins quickly shipped me the galleys of the spring guide. He apologized in advance for the typos (the bound version is coming). I didn't notice any except the bold prediction on Page 3 about beating USC. Again. By 20. To win the Pac-10. Now that's a good MOP.

(bold mine)

So the UCLA Sports Information Director has come out and set the expectations.

Dorrell is expected by UCLA officials to win the Pac-10 and beat Southern Cal by 20 points in 2007.

Game on.

Go Bruins!!!

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