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Love On TV Tonight (McDonalds All American Game)

Sweetbreads is already on it. Future Bruin Kevin Love is playing in the McDonald All American game tonight. I believe the game is on ESPN (8pm EST). It is being played at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. There is a pretty cool article in the Oregonian on Kevin Love today. Love has been preparing for this game but he is also keeping a close eye on his Bruins:

Lake Oswego High School center Kevin Love spent this week preparing to play in today's annual McDonald's All-American High School Basketball Game. But at least some of his focus was elsewhere.

Love, who has signed play at UCLA next season, has followed the Bruins' run to the NCAA men's basketball Final Four with much excitement and a heavy dose of longing.

"I wish I was down there working with them," he said Tuesday from Louisville, Ky., site of the McDonald's game. "Ever since I signed a letter of intent, I feel like I've been bleeding blue and gold."
As usual the young man in almost Afflaloesque way says all the right things in that article. He also made sure to mention how much he is looking forward to learning defense under Howland:
Howland is a defensive-oriented coach, who will yank a player off the court who is not giving an all-out defensive effort.

"That's one of the reasons I chose UCLA," Love said. "I want to become a better defensive player. I think coach Howland is the best defensive coach in the country."

Defense ignites the Bruins' transition offense. And Howland said Love's passing ability would make UCLA better in that area.

"As I've said many times, he (will be) the best outlet passer since Bill Walton at the college level next year," Howland said. "He has an incredible skill level for a guy that is 6-10, 250, 260 pounds."
I can only imagine what kind of contributions Love is going to make to our program when he is roaming around the low post next year.

Anyways, I am not the in the mood to think about next year yet. If you are watching the game tonight though make sure to let us know how Love looked. I don't have a lot of expectations from these kinds of exhibitions game, which usually turn into one on one jungle/street ball. This is probably not the kind of game in which Love will put up his usual numbers considering the kind of unselfish/team player mentality he has. But if something cool happens, make sure to share with us in the comment thread.