Lorenzo Mata profile.

Lorenzo Mata flies under the radar sometimes, even for us. He does many of the little things so well that don't show up in the boxscore. Glad to see he's getting his own feature today in the LA Times.

He has a big task next game with Horford and Noah. Then hopefully there's a next game, and he'll face either Oden or Hibbert. If these guys are all in the draft, they're likely first-rounders.

The article includes some insightful comments on Mata from Bill Walton. Here's one:

"The Bruins are a great defensive team and you don't have a great defensive team without having an anchor on the backline. And that comes from Mata's willingness to do all the little things that solidify the Bruins defense. All the double teams, the pressure on the perimeter, none of that would work without the effort of Mata. That's what makes basketball such a great game: What the Bruins are facing this weekend -- how to beat the big guys." I know Nestor will pick up on this and write some more.

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