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A Masterpiece

Got couple of items to share on Coach Wooden. First, as Pocho notes, the Coach was on the NPR this morning. Here is the link to the NPR podcast. Also there is a good article in the Daily News on how Coach is living up to his Dad's advice and making each day a masterpiece:

Wooden is making good on something he learned from his father Joshua, something he preached to students, players and those who have had the good fortune of sharing his company: "Make each day your masterpiece."

And why not?

"I feel reasonably good," Wooden said. "I feel better than anyone my age has a right to be. How are you supposed to be at 96?"

Wooden is setting the standard, that's for sure. He probably makes more appearances than many of Hollywood's A-listers. He was in Westwood last week to preview HBO's hour-long documentary "The UCLA Dynasty" for the first time, surrounded by family, friends and some former players.

In the documentary, Bill Walton and Lucius Allen demonstrated how Wooden showed them to put on their socks and tie their shoes before they stepped foot on the court. Wooden saw interviews and old game tape, some of which he'd never seen. Afterward, Wooden spoke about how blessed he was but got so choked up, he stopped speaking and sat down.

"I've never, never seen him break down like that," Walton said. "This was very special. HBO captured it. He doesn't have a DVD player or laptop or YouTube clips."
Again, the article is a great read except for the part Painter brought in Lavin to chime in on the Coach. He doesn't merit any mention in anything pertaining to the tradition of UCLA basketball. Lavin is not, and never will be, a part of the Bruin family. It's too bad Painter mentioned that con artist in an article, which otherwise would have been considered as a masterpiece.