Kevin and Bean show disses UCLA

Anyone else hear Matt "Money" Smith on the Kevin and Bean Show this morning? He said nobody was interested in UCLA basketball because they play a boring workman like style. DID HE SEE THE KANSAS GAME???  He then said fans were waiting to see how we did against Florida to decide whether to support the team, because we were disappointed last season (????). That was the dumbest thing I ever heard. NOBODY thought we would make it to the championship game last season. Everybody I know was very excited about last season, and equally excited about this season. Just shows what an ignoramus he is.

The worst part was he then goes on to talk about how crazy Howland is, and says he yelled at reporters at a press conference. He claimed BH wasn't even supposed to be there, but interrupted the press conference for his players. He then mentioned the CBS Sportsline article calling Howland an Ahole and agreed with it.

His whole take was wrong on so many levels, it was disgusting. Unfortunately, neither Kevin nor Bean know crap about sports, so they just nodded along. I thought the whole thing was simply ridiculous. It is amazing how people report hearsay without knowing anything.

I'm gonna try to call his show this afternoon and straighten him out. I suggest fellow bruins do the same. GO BRUINS!!!

ULCA 72 Florida 65

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