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Bruins Go Down in Final 4--2007 Final Post Game Thread

Not quite what we were expecting tonight. As hard as it is to give Florida credit for their preening and whining all over the court, they deserve our props as the better team. The refs no doubt affected this game, but it wasn't the reason we lost. Florida's length and athleticism were better than the Ben Ball D tonight. There is a reason that they are the #1 overall seed. How many other coaches have you seen this year able to make the adjustment to Coach Howland's doubling the post? Donavan (or "Dunuvun" as Packer calls him) is a hell of a coach, and UK is going to be right back in the picture when he arrives.

To AA, keep your head up man. You are a Bruin legend. On behalf of the Nation: "1 MORE YEAR!" We have some Love coming our way that will undoubtedly supplement your game, and possibly your draft status.

Thanks to Coach Howland and all the players for yet another great season. Back to back final 4's do not come around often. We are going to get that banner #12, I have no doubt. And thanks to all of the contributors here for making this such a great tourney run.

I'm sure Nestor will have more tomorrow. This is your post-game thread.

Go Bruins!