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Documenting A Dynasty

Heading into the Pac-10 tournament AA paid homage to Coach Wooden for creating "something spectacular" around Westwood. Well HBO is going to try do their best to give us a little taste of that "something spectacular," in an upcoming series called "The UCLA Dynasty." Unfortunately we don’t have HBO. So I will try to get a hold of a recording of that show or catch one of the reruns. But given the kind of high quality work product HBO churns out, I am betting this is a must see. So get your recorders ready.

The show is set to air during the heat of March Madness on March 26th (10 pm EST/PST). More on the show from HBO's website. Here is the screenshot, clicking on which will take you to HBO's special page, set up for this much anticipated program:

What really struck me was the first para. of that preview:

While the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement and political scandal were consuming the nation, a basketball legacy grew in southern California. Led by coach John Wooden, the UCLA Bruins amassed an unprecedented ten NCAA titles in the 12 seasons from 1964-1975, setting a standard of excellence and consistency in a volatile country.
Talk about history having a surreal way of repeating itself. UCLA basketball reached its unimaginable heights during the era of Richard Nixon and to throw a bone to my Bruin friends from the other side we won our 11th during the era of an impeached President. And now we are going through a true renaissance of UCLA hoops during the era of … you know what I mean. Kind of interesting.

Anyways, I imagine the documentary will probably make a reference to all the unsupported, undocumented baseless stories around Sam Gilbert coming from known UCLA haters, which have been eviscerated and rebutted over and over again here on BN. You can read them by going here, here, and here. That is fine with me. To get a complete picture of UCLA hoops, it’s only fair we get to hear the rants from jealous, envious, and bitter losers like Digger Phelps, Jerry Tarkenian, and their various toadies like Dan Wetzel roaming around the internets.

Anyways all this should be very interesting. We will bump this post up when the show airs on March 26th, so those of you are watching it, can post your instant reactions here.

UPDATE:If you are current student you can get a free sneak preview of this show from 8 pm to 12 am on Monday, March 12 at the AGB (HT to jtthirtyfour).