Fall Out From Pete Carroll's Racist Jokers (Players)

The LAT reports on the racist jokers from cross town:

It started as an inside joke -- good-natured racial banter in the privacy of the locker room between a black assistant coach and a group of white players on the USC football team.

They were members of an aggressive special teams unit. He called them the "White Nation." It was a tribute.

However, when it ended up on an Internet site, stripped of its insider context, it struck outsiders as shockingly racist.

On Thursday, after a story in the Daily Trojan disclosed the episode, USC officials and students scrambled to apologize, explain and contain a potential public relations embarrassment.

"It's like a joking matter within the team," said USC wide receiver Chris McFoy, who is black. "It's nothing. No big deal to it, in my opinion."

It all started innocently, according to interviews with a number of players and coaches, as part of the long tradition of name-calling and chiding typical on football fields.

"White Nation" was coined by running backs coach and special teams coordinator Todd McNair, a black former NFL player. He first used the term affectionately during game films, according to accounts, after watching some white members of the kickoff team make a spectacular play.

"I made the name. The White Nation," McNair said. "Just playfully, man." How cute. All of this just a joke. Pom Pom's boys were being just boys. And oh BTW McNair is the same coach who is also embroiled in the Reggie Bush scandal.

While everyone at Southern Cal are scrambling to downplay this latest stench, Wizard of Odd (an impartial blogger who is not aligned to any team) tells us what is so wrong with Pom Pom's corrupt, sorry, joke of a football program: At the very least, this is another embarrassing incident for USC football, which remains under a microscope for a series of off-field incidents, the most prominent being Reggie Bush's alleged involvement with a failed sports marketing firm.

When USC officials first learned about the site is unclear, but what is clear is that everybody had their stories straight when the press came calling, suggesting that officials have known about this for some time.

Joke or not, what we find disturbing is USC's response. Coach Pete Carroll told the L.A. Times that he had no plans to discipline the players. It's not as if this is the first time this has happened. Last year, a Times review of USC players with Facebook pages found some underage players holding what appeared to be alcoholic beverages. That should have been warning enough.

Also alarming is the response by many Trojan fans. The Daily Trojan story is littered with disturbing comments. "This is retared (sic) ... why even write an article about this," says a reader identified as Matt. "C'mon, are you serious? This is some self-righteous bull shitezah. Unnecessary pseudo-PC whistle-blowing." writes Erik Ta.

Yes, these people live among you. Yes we call "these people" SCums.

Go Bruins!

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