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Growing Up

All right here is the deal. I had another post written up early this morning. But I am not going to put it up. I will probably put it up tomorrow. I think instead we should all probably at least for one night think about something else besides hoops.

I am heading out with the Mrs. N and meeting up with some friends at our nearest Irish Pub (somewhere around NW DC). We are going to drink down few pints of Guinness and listen to tunes like this:

Ironic I posted that tune considering how much I lampooned the phrase "growing up" during the football season. Doesn't matter though. I trust in Coach Howland.

TOMORROW our boys are going to have the best practice of this season under the best coach in America. Like I said it is much easier for me to believe in a coach and his team given what they have done in last few years. Our boys will grow up.

All right gotta run. Mr. Guinness and Mrs. Bass are waiting for us. And of course I welcome all of you to share with rest of us whatever you are doing to keep your mind off hoops at least for one night.

I always like hearing suggestions for music and BEER.