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As you guys pointed out already Coach Wooden was taken to the hospital over the weekend, but he is doing all right. Here is Pucin from the LA Times:

John Wooden, UCLA's 96-year-old Hall of Fame basketball coach, was hospitalized Sunday but is entertaining visits from several former players and doing well, according to his daughter, Nan Muehlhausen.

Muehlhausen said Wooden began suffering symptoms similar to those he'd had a year ago when he was hospitalized for what was diagnosed as diverticulitis, inflamed pockets in the colon.

Although doctors were investigating the possible recurrence of diverticulitis, Muehlhausen said Monday afternoon that Wooden's doctors now suspect he is suffering a reaction to arthritis medication and the solution may be as simple as changing dosages.

Wooden was hospitalized for three days in April 2006, including the night UCLA played in the national championship game against Florida.

Muehlhausen said Wooden had received two blood transfusions since Sunday and may receive two more.

"He was hemorrhaging Sunday, but he didn't want to go to the hospital," she said. "It took some convincing."
Coach will always be stubborn. Apparently he is doing much better. From the Daily News:
"Dad is in good spirits," Muehlhausen said in a statement. "He lost a lot of blood but has gained his strength, back thanks to the transfusions.

"He enjoyed visiting with many of his former players and was making jokes throughout the day. He is certainly grateful for everyone's kind thoughts."
Hang in there Coach. Our prayers are with you for your speedy recovery and continued health.

We need you in the stands when we bring home banner number 12 hopefully in next couple of years or get to check out the new Pauley around your 100th Birthday!