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Ben Ball Notes

Coach Howland and the Afflalos are meeting today to talk about AA's future. You knew that. But here is the interesting news. Apparently a decision can come as early as this afternoon:

Howland said he would meet with the Afflalos and "try to do a lot of research as to where [Arron] would go in the draft, assuming that is part of the decision."

Danny Afflalo said Arron might have an announcement this afternoon, after meeting with Howland.
I imagine lot of you will be hitting the refresh buttons on a number of sites today. lol Pucin also had these interesting comments from Howland on number of draft related websites projecting where players would go:
Collison, who was listed as a possible No. 15 first-round pick last week on one site, is now unlisted on both.

"Those draft sites, I don't put a lot of stock in that," Howland said. "I have a lot more confidence in what NBA general managers think and the GMs have a service the NBA provides."
Given the reputation Howland's program is building around the NBA GM circles, I have no doubt Coach is going to make sure our guys get as clear picture as they can get in terms of their prospects in the NBA draft. And the way Howland is working with our players also sends a clear signal to recruits (like Holiday) how accomodating Coach Howland is when it comes time for his players to explore options to go to the NBA.

Besides the draft there are some notes related to hoops program. Dohn reports on a candidate for Keating's position:
Duncan on campus: Oregon assistant Scott Duncan, who recruits California for the Ducks, was on campus Monday to interview with Howland, sources said.

"I want someone experienced. I want someone who's been around," said Howland, who needs to replace Kerry Keating, who was hired by Santa Clara. "I want someone who's got vast experience and is obviously good recruiting, because that's where it all starts and ends in terms of our success."

The 51-yeard-old Duncan, who recruited Bryce Taylor out of Harvard-Westlake of Studio City, has been with the Ducks since 2000.
Duncan would be a pretty good get. He has definitely helped Oregon to recruit at a very high level despite working for a program which doesn't have a lot of tradition. It will be interesting to see who else Howland talks to. As Pucin indicates he is not in a hurry. Also from Dohn on Howland is looking forward to next year:
In discussing next season's offense, Howland said he expected to get the ball inside more, and for reasons beyond heralded freshman center Kevin Love being in Westwood.

"We're going to spend more of an emphasis on trying to get it inside, get it inside, and try and play a little more inside-out," Howland said. "I think that opens up more for our perimeter players."

Howland said Lorenzo Mata improved offensively late in the season, and added that Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Alfred Aboya and James Keefe each had to improve their low-post offense.

Also: Howland said Mbah a Moute could play small forward at times next season, but the junior-to-be had to "continue to develop his offensive skill set to be able to shoot it more from the perimeter." & According to Howland, Aboya will solely play power forward next season. & Howland said point guard Russell Westbrook's free-throw shooting (54.8 percent) was "atrocious." & Offseason workouts will begin in two weeks, but Mbah a Moute might have to take some time off "because his knees became more of an issue as the season went on," Howland said. Rest is the prescribed treatment.
Can we start next season's practice like now? It is going to be a looooong wait till October.