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The Good, the Bad and the Disgusting

First let to get to the good news. Jill Painter dialed into the press conference call announcing the hiring of Scott Duncan. Here are her notes on Duncan:

Scott Duncan was hired as UCLA's new assistant basketball coach Wednesday, replacing Kerry Keating, who left to become Santa Clara's head coach.

Duncan's responsibilities have not yet been determined, but he's expected to play a big role in recruiting. Duncan, 51, is known for his recruiting success and was named one of the country's top 25 recruiters by in 2001. Duncan spent the past seven years at Oregon and helped recruit Bryce Taylor - a Harvard-Westlake of Studio City product - to the Ducks.

During a conference call, a reporter asked him how he let star recruit Kevin Love of Lake Oswego, Ore. - who committed to UCLA - get away.

"I guess it goes back to the same reason I've chosen to get away," Duncan said. "(UCLA's) the premier school in the country and has the premier coach in the country. I'm sure if you ask Kevin Love, he'd say the same thing."

Duncan's salary wasn't released, but Keating made $162,000 last year. Bruins head coach Ben Howland initially called Duncan to gauge his interest, then called Oregon coach Ernie Kent to obtain permission to speak with Duncan.
I should also add that apparently Duncan was instrumental in the recruiting of Tajuan Porter, the dynamite Duck guard who lit up the Pac-10 last year.

Now here is the bad. The money observation on all this comes from DD:
thats odd

a guy with tons of experience at the job Howland is hiring him to do ... and he was successful at it?? who is coming up with these wacko ideas?!
Gee ... I wonder who DD may be referring to?

And to finish up with ugly. Some of you already knew this. But just in case you didn't here was Pucin's note while reporting on Coach Wooden couple of days ago (emphasis mine):
Wooden, who recently renewed his driver's license and agreed to be the best man at former UCLA coach Steve Lavin's planned August wedding, had not traveled to Atlanta to see UCLA play in the Final Four on March 31.
Well that is just disgusting in so many levels. Obviously Lavin being the cheap publicity ***** has no shame in asking a legend like Wooden to be his "best man" just to promote himself as a "basketball guy." And Coach being the saint he is couldn't turn this joker down. But this is just DISGUSTING. If Lavin had any sense of dignity and concern for the Coach he wouldn't ask the Coach to do this. And it also tells us a lot about this disgusting piece of filth. He couldn't find a friend in his real life (he probably has burned all his bridges based on his career of being a "matchstick man") to be his "best man" like a normal person. So he had to resort to a stunt like this. It is beyond disgusting and deplorable.

Anyways ... talking about that creep just gets me all fired up. But then again he (and KD's regime) reminds me why we are so blessed to have Howland.