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On Alex Legion ...

So lot of discussion going around the internets about former Michigan commit Alex Legion who has requested the Wolverines to release him from his LOI. From Michigan site on the UCLA angle to this story:

This is the second time Legion has backed out on Michigan. He committed in November 2005, de-committed in April 2006, re-committed in July 2006 and signed in October 2006. The UCLA site reported Legion has narrowed his list down to four schools; UCLA, Kentucky, Kansas and Connecticut.

"Of course, the Bruins have a need at the shooting guard position with the early departure of Arron Afflalo to the NBA," they wrote. "What is unknown is just how much interest the Bruins have in a kid who has now de-committed from the same school twice in a year after leaving his high school of three years in Detroit to play his senior season in southern Virginia."
Alex has a set of schools he is interested in and our Bruins prominently figure in lists being floated around both by Scout and Rivals.

Understandbly good Michigan fans like Dave and CaliWolverine are telling us to beware of a kid who decommitted from Big Blue twice. But honestly I am not all that concerned about it. From what I have heard this is not the first time Legion has been interested in the Bruins. Before he signed with the Wolverines few months ago he was heavily interested in UCLA but at that time Coach Howland did not have any scholies to give out. I don't blame a kid wavering so much with the Wolverines when he first signed considering what a mess that program was in under Amaker.

But things are different than they were back in Sept. Michigan has a new head coach, and UCLA has a scholie to give out if it wants. As Alex is very interested from what I hear it is a matter of whether Howland wants to offer or not.

I have not seen Legion play. I haven't seen any of his games. So I don't have much to go by here. However from what I hear he is a solid prospect who would provide a nice boost of athleticism in our roster. Now it is a matter of Coach Howland deciding whether he is the right fit for our program.

Another factor to consider is our scholie count since we do want to stay in the game for Jrue Holiday. My guess is if Coach Howland thinks Legion fits into our program and will commit himself to Ben Ball philosophy which relies on playing inside the jersey defense, then he is going to be a Bruin. I also think Howland will offer him if he thinks he will have more scholies to offer next season (anticipating more than one player going pro). If that is the case in my mind its all good. An athlete like Legion could immensely improve his game playing in our program and get himself in position for the next level (See Thompson, Hollins etc).

So all in all if Howland offers and Legion accepts, we are going to be excited and welcome Alex to Westwood.