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Notes From Practice

Some more reshuffling going around at the OL. Dohn has a report from pratice:

Hampered by injuries and struggling to perform, UCLA sophomore Aleksey Lanis lost his hold on the starting right tackle slot, which is now occupied by senior Brian Abraham.

While Abraham takes reps with the first team, Lanis is switching between right and left tackle with the second team.

"Based on eight practices and taking the instruction and doing what we're asking (Abraham) to do right now with our schemes, he's in that position," UCLA offensive line coach Bob Connelly said. "We're trying to build depth and trying to build competition."

Connelly said part of Lanis' problem are injuries. Offseason right knee surgery is keeping Lanis from weight training with his lower body, and he still is recovering from a broken left forearm suffered Dec. 2 against USC. The 6-foot-6 Lanis, who is listed at 316 pounds, started 12 games last season.

"There are some things that have taken place that set him back physically," Connelly said. "He hasn't been able to do the things some of these other guys (can do), so his physical development is not where it needs to be. He's overweight right now. He's not in the shape he needs to be in, partly because his knee, I'm hoping."
Meanwhile over on the defensive side Bruce Davis, the guy who is probably looked upon as the team-leader is already thinking about the NFL:
"I try not to think about it because I don't want to get off focus, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought about it," said Davis, who was named first-team All-American by last season. "It will all depend on where I end up. The Indianapolis Colts have Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, guys who you would call undersized defensive ends. It will depend on where the team needs me to play at the time."

Davis, who will be a senior, is listed at 6-foot-3 and 237 pounds, but has asserted himself on the field, finishing tied for the team lead with 12.5 sacks. He is being billed as one of the top defensive ends in the nation.

Yet, Davis is well aware that his size could lead to a position switch when he reaches the NFL.
Davis goes on to say how the defense has a little swagger around Westwood these days:
As for the present, Davis sees a difference in the defense from a year ago, a change that was brought on by defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker.

"We definitely have a swagger," Davis said. "We're not overconfident and we don't act like jerks, but there is a pride we didn't have before. We show that the way we handle our business.

"That's something Coach Walker gave us. About the fourth game of the season, it turned into a swagger. When we played Notre Dame, other than that last play, we didn't give them anything."
Uhm a little word of advice for young Mr. Davis. I wouldn't puffing my chest too much. That last play at South Bend, was the only play that actually counted:

And I wouldn't talking up how good your defense is coming off a game in which you got humiliated by a washed up Florida State. So I hope Bruce Davis and his team-mates will focus on the goals for next season. No one is going to give a hoot about our defense if they cannot bring home a Pac-10 championship.