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Ben Ball Roundup

UPDATE: For those of us who weren't there here is "UCLA's One Shining Moment" shown at the banquet. GO BRUINS. -N

A little mish mash of hoop related stories for you on Thursday. Pucin has a story in Wright's story but here are her money grafs (she usually doesn't write a lot of them):

With Wright's transfer and junior Arron Afflalo's announcement last week that he was leaving for the NBA UCLA has left UCLA with an open scholarship and a need for a shooting guard.

There is a player, Alex Legion, who may fit the bill. Legion is a 6-4, 210-pounder from Detroit by way of Oak Hill Academy in Virginia. Legion, who signed a letter of intent to play for Tommy Amaker at Michigan, was released from that letter when Amaker was fired and eventually became the new Harvard coach. West Virginia's John Beilein took the Michigan job. Beilein plays a very different kind of basketball with a structured offense based on cutting, back-door passes and three-point shooting and a commitment to a 1-3-1 zone defense.

Legion asked for and has received his release and has indicated he is interested in UCLA, Kentucky, Connecticut and Kansas. A source close to Legion says, "Alex's first choice is UCLA right now," though Legion's mother has said in Detroit papers that her son will not go to UCLA and will stay closer to home.
The situation around Legion's recruiting is pretty amusing to say the least. It is costing sleep to lot of posters on message boards around the nation, who are hitting F5 every 20 mins. At this point it is hard to tell whether Legion will come to Westwood. Over the years whenever a parent has gotten involved in this kind of situation, he or she has won out.

It is hard to go against Mom's wishes. Although Mrs. Legion should ask herself the question if she is truly interested in advancing Legion's NBA aspirations (assuming he is one): will her son be better of playing Beilein's 1-3-1 system or learning to play Howland's prototype man on man defense which has lead to a starting role for Jordan in the LA Lakers? Something to think about. Anyways, I don't think UCLA is out of this. But this whole deal sounds complicated. And I am not sure I am going to spend a lot of time and energy worrying about whether he comes or not. As I said if Howland wants him and he decides to come here, awesome, if not we are still going to have an awesome team next season. We can't really lose when it comes to Ben Ball.

While we are talking about star players and their mom, one our readers emailed us this note about June Collison:
June Collison, 49, of Etiwanda, has been appointed to the State Athletic Commission. She has served on the Commission since 2005. Collison has more than 18 years of healthcare management and financial experience and is currently the chief executive officer of Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. Collison competed in the 1984 Olympic Games and is a former 400 meter indoor run world record holder. This position requires Senate confirmation and the compensation is $100 per diem. Collison is a Democrat.
Congrats to Mrs. Collison!

Lastly, stumbled into this very interesting post from Time Community (a website dedicated to the sport of swimming). The post talks about swimming superstar Michael Phelps serving as a "volunteer assistant" in Michigan's program, which led to this question invoking the name of UCLA hoops:
I generally think most of the NCAA rules are rather strange and that there should be a different set of rules for the revenue sports versus the non-revenue sports – but that is an entirely different discussion (albeit somewhat related). Today’s question - how can it be ok with the NCAA that Michael Phelps is a "Volunteer Assistant" with the Michigan men’s swim team?

This has to be the biggest recruiting advantage in any college sport. Do you think it would be ok if Kobe Bryant became a volunteer assistant at UCLA? He would then be able to attend and participate in practices with the Bruins (when he is not traveling) as well as coach the players. I believe that the NCAA would have a few issues with this arrangement.
Any thoughts? Are there any swimmers on BN?