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Dorrell to Fiddle Over QB Decision For Weeks

Well it is pretty obvious to BN readers who should be our starting QB. Leading into spring practice we heard from KD how he was going to name his starting QB based on the scrimmage. But now comes report that even though he will base his decision on the scrimmage, however it may take him weeks to name his starter (emphasis mine):

Quarterbacks Ben Olson and Patrick Cowan have spent the last three weeks in a work experience program, learning the nuances that offensive coordinator Jay Norvell brought to UCLA.

The on-the-job training portion is mostly at an end and the win-the-job segment of spring practice will now pick up speed. With only three practices and a spring game left, there is little time left for Olson and Cowan to make their case to be the Bruins' starting quarterback.

"We've put in about everything we're going to put in [the offense]," Coach Karl Dorrell said. "You can see that they are starting to feel like they know everything."

So whoever learned it best, and can execute it, will get the nod. While Dorrell has said that he wants to make a decision based on spring practice, it might not be announced for weeks.

"It will be sometime in the spring," he said.

Norvell, in his first year as the Bruins' offensive coordinator, said that both Olson and Cowan have improved as they gained greater knowledge of offensive schemes.
Dorrell being indecisive and not being able to make up his mind?

I am sure both Olson and Cowan are going to be thrilled to hear about that. Way to build that perfect team chemistry KD.