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Shipp Expected to be In Solid Shape

bruinhoo has already diaried the story on Shipp's surgery. Shipp had successful hip surgery yesterday to repair a torn labrum on his left hip. He had the same surgery in his right hip before. Painter has the story. Apparenlty this time Shipp wasn't even aware of the problem and found out about the tear after a precautionary MRI. Here is Painter in the DN:

UCLA's Josh Shipp underwent a second successful hip surgery Friday to repair a torn labrum.

The unexpected procedure was on his left hip. Shipp had the same surgery on his right hip in 2005, causing him to miss all but four games of the 2005-06 season. Ben Howland said he expects Shipp to be fully recovered by September, which means he wouldn't miss any practice for the upcoming season.

Shipp had a precautionary MRI on Tuesday, which revealed the tear.

"He had some soreness in his hip toward the last couple of weeks of the season, but nothing major," Howland said from Houston while on a recruiting trip. "We're being proactive as opposed to letting it fester. We'll go in and take care of it now since he had time to rehab and recover."

In the previous surgery, Shipp remembered the incident in which he injured his hip, according to Howland. This time, Shipp was unaware of the problem.

Shipp averaged 13.3 points per game last season and helped UCLA to the Final Four, in which the Bruins lost to Florida in the semifinals. Shipp's mom, Debbie, said last week -- before the surgery -- that she did not expect Shipp to enter the NBA draft.
Also more coverage from the LA Times. Shipp will be back in class on Monday and should be ready to go by late summer/Septement. I am not worried.