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Still Clueless

Dorrell's football team continue to look mediocre and shoddy in the red zone:

UCLA's quarterback competition got the acid test Saturday, as red zone offense was the main focus during Saturday's scrimmage at Spaulding Field.

Ben Olson might have moved a bit ahead in the race, as he was 4 for 9 for 28 yards and two touchdowns in the red zone, while Patrick Cowan completed 2 of 8 passes, including a 33-yard pass to Jamil Turner.

UCLA worked most of the scrimmage from the red zone. Of 10 trips in the red zone, the Bruins had two touchdowns and two field goals.

"We have to get our team used to playing in this area and understand the restrictions this area has offensively," Bruins coach Karl Dorrell said. "And then defensivley, (understand) how those restricions are to your beneift, know how you can utitilize the field to cover sapce and saturate an offense and make things hard on them."

The quarterbacks have three more chances to make a case for the starting job in UCLA's final scrimmage on Friday at Drake Stadium.

"The red zone makes things a lot tougher," Olson said. "The game moves a lot faster in the red zone. We got some good work in. It wasn't all great, but I felt things went well."
Uh if he meant by things going as "well" as last year in the red zone, then he is right. LA Times reports Bruins had as many TDs as FGs in the red zone, which is the same pathetic story from last year. As usual neither Dorrell nor his players had any good answers for their inept showing:
Saturday's scrimmage was a chance to test new philosophies under first-year offensive coordinator Jay Norvell, with extensive work from the 20-yard line.

But questions about what new offensive plans the Bruins have when they get near the promised land brought only tight-lipped responses.

"We have some stuff," said quarterback Patrick Cowan.

What kind of stuff?

"Good stuff," Cowan said. "Some of the good stuff."

Asked what "stuff" has been installed, Coach Karl Dorrell said, "We haven't put anything in at this time," then paused and added, "It's not something we want to disclose right now."
Yeah we have been wating to see the "good stuff" for last four years. Yet time after time we get stuck with the same old **. Welcome to the (mediocre) world of Dorrell's football program.

After all the installing of Norvell's new offense, Dorrell's offense still looks and sounds clueless.