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Trev Albert: Dorrell Has Done An "Incredible Job"

I know Menelaus once writing here on BN he hates using the expression "LOL." Let me ask you this. What else can you do when you stumble upon something like this from college football "pundit" Trev Albert:

The one guy we never talk about enough, despite the incredible job he's done, because of the way he carries himself and his demeanor is Karl Dorrell. He's just a very steadying influence at UCLA. They're No. 2 in my mind.
HT to Dump Dorrell for flagging that comment from CSTV.

I guess in addition to lol we can always point out to Mr. Albert kind of "incredible job" KD has done at Westwood:
1. 1-3 against Southern Cal.
2. No Pac-10 championships.
3. No BCS bowl games.
4. 1-3 in bowl games (all minor bowl games)[BN]
5. 1-10 on the road against teams with a winning record.
6. Worst starting 3- AND 4- year record of any UCLA football coach since WW2, including Bob Toledo who was fired.
7. Worse winning percentage than Bob Toledo, who was fired.
8. 3-11 against ranked teams.
9. 2-7 against top 10 teams.
10. Only 6 conference wins against teams who finished over .500.
11. 19-14 against Pac-10 teams.
12. 8-17 against teams with a winning record.
13. 10 losses to unranked teams.
14. He has a losing record after October, 6-12.
15. Embarrassing losses to Wyoming, Fresno State, Arizona, Southern Cal, Florida State [Ed.].
16. Revolving door for assistant coaches.
17. 80% of Bruins fans polled on disapprove of the job KD is doing.
(numbers via Dump Dorrell)

So if you are up for it send Mr. Alberts a polite email by calmly referring to the numbers above and ask him whether he still thinks Dorrell has done an "incredible job" at UCLA.

I am sure as member of the Nebraska football program Mr. Albert had to take a basic math class. So if he has a shred of intellectual honesty as a college football commentator, after seeing those numbers laid out in front of him he will say something different next time someone asks him about Karl Dorrell's less than mediocre job performance as the head coach of UCLA football program.