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Lost in Dorrellism

Our offense has been looking sloppy all spring. Both quarterbacks are struggling and it sounds like our red zone offense has been a joke (just like last season). So what does KD has to say about his clunky red zone offense:

Building a comfort level in the red zone is what Dorrell hopes the Bruins can obtain.

The offense spent the latter part of the scrimmage there, particularly because the Bruins had difficulty scoring inside the red zone a year ago, leading to many field-goal attempts instead of touchdowns.

"It was more just trying to get our team used to playing in this area," Dorrell said.

"Understanding the restrictions this area has offensively, and defensively how those restrictions are to your benefit. Know how you can utilize the field to cover space and make things very hard on the offense."
Seriously ... what the heck is Dorrell trying to say? Does anyone here really understand what this guy is trying to articulate?

Again keep in mind there have been strong rumors that apparently UCLA spent a lot of $$ to give this guy much needed media/PR training after his first season as head coach. Yet after four long years this is yet another department Dorrell remains below average as a head coach. He hasn't shown any progress in his ability to be an effective communicator, which you would think should be considered as a key trait in the make up of an effetive leader of a high profile D-1 football program. Pathetic.