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We have three stories on DC today. First let's go with Daily News. Dohn posted on his blog that DC will not enter the NBA draft. Dohn is not the only one saying this. Dohn's colleague Painter is reporting that Collison will not declare for draft:

UCLA point guard Darren Collison will not enter the NBA draft, according to a source who spoke with him recently.

Collison is officially expected to make his intentions known Wednesday.
Meanwhile over at the LAT Diane Pucin is speculating without citing any source that DC maybe "thinking" about going pro:
UCLA point guard Darren Collison said Monday night that he would have an announcement about his future basketball plans Wednesday.

Collison's mother, June Griffith-Collison, submitted her resignation Monday as director of San Bernardino County's Regional Medical Center and in a news release said one reason was to help her son with his decision making. However, she said Monday night her resignation should not be taken as a sign that Collison would leave school for the NBA.

"Not at all," she said. "It's just the job has gotten more demanding and this time is short to spend with my son. I even missed an NCAA game [UCLA against Pittsburgh] because I couldn't get away. Those moments are precious."
As usual Bruin hater Pucin went with a sensationlist headline with an ominous tone for UCLA hoops.

So who are you going to believe? Two writers who have a very good track record in terms of reporting on UCLA athletics v. a poor writer who has a history of getting her facts and stories all mixed up. I feel pretty good about whose story I am going to go with here.