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DC: Ben Ball Action Is Fantastic!

All is well in the world of Ben Ball now that DC (and Luc (WTF Luc were you actually even thinking about this?)) has officially announced their decision to come back for their junior season. Dohn has the story on a player coming back to gun for a banner:

Darren Collison never gave any indication he would leave UCLA, so there was little surprise Wednesday when he announced he would stay in school.
UCLA can officially be considered a national contender again.

"It wasn't too difficult to make this decision," Collison said on a conference call. "I didn't put too much thought process into it. Playing last year was enjoyable. My goal was to win a championship and I didn't succeed at it my sophomore year, so I'm going to take another knock at it my junior." [...]

"I think Darren had given (the NBA) some thought," Bruins coach Ben Howland said. "To be honest, he's a potential late first-round pick. I think the thinking is, and it's wise, that he can test the waters next year and that he will move himself way up the draft and be a potential early- to mid-first round pick when he does leave for the NBA." [...]

Asked how much he thought about entering the NBA draft, Collison said "very little." He had until Sunday to decide and consulted only his parents and Howland. According to Collison, he paid little attention to his draft stock.

"For the most part, I wanted to win a championship, that was something I told my parents," he said. "I am dedicated to winning games at UCLA. I still have a lot more improvements to make. The NBA isn't going anywhere. I'm satisfied with where we're going right now."
Meanwhile, over at the LAT Pucin is trying to backtrack from her big scoop. Remember what a big deal she made about Mrs. Collison leaving her job to fuel the speculation about DC going to the NBA. Well here is the explanation:
On Monday, his mother, June Griffith-Collison, resigned from her job as director of San Bernardino County's Regional Medical Center in order, she said, to "help my son with his decision-making."

"For my mom it was just a family decision to spend more time with me," Collison said. "It wasn't about any basketball decision."
Of course that didn't stop Pucin from breathlessly writing up a report with a blaring headline declaring DC "may be" going pro. Thank God these days we don't have to depend on people like Pucin for "news."

Anyways enough about Pucin. I am looking forward to Meriones crystal ball on next season. I will also chime in with my intial impression on next year's team. Here is a simple hint ... I think its going to be most fun Ben Ball team we are going to get to watch in Howland's fifth year in Westwood. I think it is going to be "fantastic" (unlike the boring NBA).